Bus skids off icy road and knocks down woman waiting at stop in Russia

Terrifying moment bus skids off icy road and knocks down woman waiting at stop in Russian city – before she gets up and catches the next one

  • A woman was knocked over by an incoming bus skidding on icy road in Russia 
  • She was waiting at the station and didn’t appear to see the vehicle coming to her 
  • Despite her fall, the woman appeared uninjured and got up to take the next bus 

This is the heart-stopping moment a woman waiting at a stop was knocked over by a bus as it spun off an icy road and onto the pavement.

Footage from the city of Yaraslov, Russia, shows the woman being thrown to the ground but sliding clear of the bus’s front wheels at it came to an abrupt halt.

She was quickly helped up and, apparently uninjured, caught the next bus.

The woman, who doesn’t appear to realise the bus is about to hit her, is knocked over into the snow in Yaroslavl, Russia

Video of the unnerving moment on December 14 was shared by Aleksey Markov. 

In the clip the woman appears to be too busy on her mobile phone to see the bus suddenly veer towards her and makes no move to get out of the way.

Another person standing near the bus stop leaps out of the vehicle’s path as it collides with the woman.

She is knocked over and falls backwards onto the snow-covered ground.

The bus brakes as the woman falls over, but doesn’t seem to be injured or in any way harmed

The woman later walked towards a trolley bus that pulled up behind the crashed city bus and appeared to catch that

The bus driver, who appears to have been pulling into the stop when he lost control of the vehicle, quickly gets out to check on the woman.

Other bystanders come to help and she gets to her feet, apparently still holding onto her phone. 

Onlookers helped get her back up and she makes her way back over towards the bus shelter. 

Moments later, she can be seen walking towards a trolley bus that pulls up and appears to get on it.  

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