DC police officer reacts to bodycam video of him being attacked on Jan. 6: ‘It broke me’

DC police officer Michael Fanone reacted to the bodycam footage of him being attacked during the January 6 protest at the Capitol, while appearing on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon Thursday night. Fanone suffered a heart attack and concussion after being beaten and shocked with a stun gun. He recalled the terrifying moments after he was attacked by the mob.

“I knew, like at that moment, I was up s*** creek without a paddle,” Fanone said. “I just remember, you know, excruciating pain and screaming out, and I remember the fear of losing control at that moment.”

Bodycam footage of the attack was released on Wednesday. Fanone admitted that watching the assault play out on television was incredibly difficult.

“I think that was like the most difficult time that I've had since the 6th, reliving that experience,” said Fanone. “I don't know if it was because it was, you know, right there on television or what the case, but, yeah, it broke me.”

Recently, several Republican lawmakers have been downplaying the violence of the attack, which resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. And having been a victim of the violence, Fanone had no patience for the politician's revisionist rhetoric.

“Those are lies,” Fanone said. “Peddling that bulls*** is an assault on every officer that fought to defend the capitol. It's disgraceful.”

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