Donald Trump reveals he’s lost FOUR friends to coronavirus and has spoken with their grieving families – The Sun

PRESIDENT Trump revealed at the White House today that he's lost four friends to the coronavirus, and he's spoken with their grieving families.

The President's revelation came just weeks after he praised his "legendary" real estate mogul friend Stanley Chera, 78, who died from coronavirus in mid-April.

The President revealed four of his own friends had died from coronavirus during a Paycheck Protection Program event at the White House on Tuesday, when he was asked if he'd spoken to any families that had lost loved ones from the virus .

"I have many people. I know many stories. I've spoken to three, maybe – I guess four families, unrelated to me, I did," Trump said.

"I lost a very good friend. I also lost three other friends – two whom I didn't know as well, but they were friends – people I did business with, probably almost everyone in the room did," Trump revealed.

"It's a bad death. It's not a – it's a bad thing," he added. "It grips onto some people."

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason first reported Trump's revelation in a tweet.

Earlier this month, Trump's long-time friend, Stanley Chera, died from coronavirus.

"My deepest sympathies go out to Frieda Chera and the family of the late, great, Stanley Chera, one of Manhattan’s most brilliant real estate minds," Trump said on April 13, shortly after Chera's death.

"Stanley was charitable, kind, and a wonderful friend. He will be truly missed!"

At a press briefing that day, Trump called Chera "a friend of mine for a long time" and a "legend in New York real estate."

"Stanley went to the hospital, and he never came out.

"He went into a coma, he was unconscious for a long period of time, and he never made it."

He added: "He was so excited when his friend from New York became the president of the United States.

"He was like a young boy. He was very proud of what we have done in this administration.

"But he was tested positive and unfortunately he didn't make it. It's a very sad thing," Trump said.

Trump did not name his friends that died of coronavirus when speaking at the White House on Tuesday.

He did say, however, that "young people do extraordinarily well," against the virus and said he thinks "we can start thinking about schools" reopening.

States have begun to reopen, as COVID-19 cases in the U.S. surpassed one million.

More than 56,000 Americans have died from the virus.

As states have begun to gradually end lockdowns, experts warn that opening the U.S. and ending social distancing measures too soon could cause a spike in cases – costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

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