Dramatic moment hailstones the size of 'golf balls' rain down on Welsh town

THIS is the dramatic moment hailstones the size of 'golf balls' rained down on a Welsh town yesterday.

Huge hailstones pelted the town of Capel Curig in North Wales so heavily that car alarms were set off- while the rest of the UK was basking in 32C sunshine.

The intense shower was caught on camera by local Jenny Davies, who runs local sport and leisure group Snowdonia Nordic Walking.

The clip shows the hailstones lashing down on her car outside, before the 'golf ball' sized pellets activated the car's security alarm.

As well as the alarm, the sound of the huge hailstones hitting the ground was deafening – leaving the muttering behind the camera barely audible.

This bizarre change of weather happened as the majority of the country basked in 32C sunshine with Brits packing out beaches across the coastline.

The beach at Lyme Regis was swarming with people as sun-lovers headed to the Dorset resort – while North Wales experienced the huge boulders of ice fall from the sky.


Yesterday was the fourth day running the mercury has passed the 30C mark with beaches crammed full of holidaymakers.

Friday was the hottest August day for 17 years, with the highest temperature recorded at 38.5C at Faversham in Kent.

However, the good weather has taken a turn – as 50,000 lightning strikes were recorded over 24 hours, illuminating skies across the UK.

Huge thunder and lightning storms battered Britain overnight, reaching from North Wales to Scotland, following the scorching weekend heatwave.

The lightning strikes lit up the skies – causing mesmerising purple and blue hues.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond said: “There are risks of severe thunderstorms across most of Britain. 

“We are concerned that there may be flash flooding in low-lying areas. 

“But it will be sudden torrential downpours, not long sustained periods of rain.”

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