EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Earl of Strathmore to be stripped of honorary role

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Shamed Earl of Strathmore is to be stripped of role as honorary chief of Strathmore Highland games for ‘horrendous’ sex attack on a guest at Glamis Castle

The Early of Strathmore Simon Patrick Bowes Lyon is to be stripped of his role as honorary chief of the Strathmore Highlands games

Prince Harry is not the only member of the Royal Family who’s losing his titles.

I hear the Earl of Strathmore is to be stripped of his role as honorary chieftain of the Strathmore Highland games.

The Earl, Simon Bowes-Lyon, is due to be sentenced next Tuesday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a guest at Glamis Castle, where the Queen Mother grew up.

‘He will lose the title after the sentencing,’ a source tells me.

‘How could we have someone representing us who is on the sex offenders’ register?’

The earls of Glamis Castle have acted as honorary chieftains when the 16,500-acre estate hosts its Highland games for three generations.

Bowes-Lyon, 34, a distant cousin of the Queen, walked behind Prince Philip and Prince Harry at the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002, when he was 15.

He admitted forcing his way into a woman’s room and assaulting her during a weekend function he was hosting at the castle in Angus, Scotland. She eventually managed to get him out of her room.

Anna Bain, who organised the dancing events at the games for more than 15 years, tells me: ‘I’m really hoping he gets stripped of his role as what he’s done is horrendous and unacceptable.

The games won’t be tarnished if they cut all ties with him.’

Bowes-Lyon has said he’s deeply ashamed: ‘I did not think I was capable of behaving the way I did but have had to face up to it and take responsibility,’ he said.

The Earl, Simon Bowes-Lyon, is due to be sentenced next Tuesday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a guest at Glamis Castle (pictured) where the Queen Mother grew up

This is going to put the cat among the pigeons!

Fresh-faced Carey Mulligan says many of her fellow actresses who claim they are natural beauties, in fact, rely on cosmetic treatment to look youthful.

‘I feel like the idealised idea of beauty — everything we’re fed and photo shoots and all these things that are massively retouched — all of that stuff can be massively intimidating when you’re younger,’ says The Great Gatsby star.

‘And then when you get a bit older you realise that it truly is skin deep, and the majority of people who say they’re just drinking a lot of water are actually having a lot of cosmetic surgery.

‘It just makes you chill a bit and relax.’

Carey, 35, was recently involved in controversy when she felt a Variety film critic implied she didn’t look ‘hot’ enough for her latest role, as a vengeful seductress in Promising Young Woman.

 Advantage Crowe! Star’s love match

Actor Russell Crowe is seen with girlfriend, Britney Theriot, in a double-date with Lord and Lady Sugar playing tennis

Gladiator star Russell Crowe seemed to be struggling to keep his eye on the ball as he enjoyed a game of tennis with his new girlfriend in Australia, where such activities are still allowed.

The 56-year-old Hollywood actor played with estate agent Britney Theriot, 30, in a mixed doubles match in Sydney against The Apprentice’s Alan Sugar and his wife, Ann.

Dressed in black, father-of-two Russell was in step — sartorially, at least — with Britney, whom he has been dating since late last year.

‘A fit-looking Lord Sugar gave Russell quite the serve,’ says a spectator.

‘Russell and Britney had cigarette breaks between games.’

Previously an actress, Britney met Russell on the set of his 2013 film Broken City, five years before he divorced Australian actress Danielle Spencer.

Love all!

(Very) modern manners

Baker Paul Hollywood’s ex-wife, Alex, is looking for love again but worries that fears of the virus will have turned post-Covid dating into Logan’s Run, the sci-fi film about a dystopian society.

‘I want to know: are people going to want to date?’ she says. ‘You go on a dating website and what do you have to say? “I’ve had the jab — I’m OK.” ’

Alex, 56, adds, jokingly: ‘It’s going to be like Logan’s Run, when you have the little thing on your hand that glows different colours, to show whether you are on the way, if you have been vaxed.’

A swell look for Kate’s designer

Could the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite fashion label, Beulah, be about to branch out into childrenswear?

Lavinia Brennan, 33, who runs the ethical brand with Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs (right), is seven months pregnant with her first child.

Her husband, champagne salesman Jamie Richards, shared this snap of her cradling the bump at home in London. ‘We’re over the moon,’ Lavinia tells me. ‘We haven’t found out the sex.’

The label has close royal links and Lady Natasha is married to Kate’s ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch.

During her tenure as the Queen’s official poet, Dame Carol Ann Duffy wrote odes about the housing benefit cut and David Beckham’s Achilles tendon injury, but not a single verse about Prince George’s birth or that of any other royal children.

Now, she loftily declares that she considered such tasks too primitive. ‘Some moments I did think, “I should write something”,’ she says. ‘But others I didn’t think were necessary, like the birth of royal babies.

That’s a bit archaic.’ And what’s more, Dame Carol, who was succeeded by Simon Armitage, says it’s disgraceful that she’s the only female Poet Laureate.

‘It’s scandalous that there has only been one woman. We’ve still got a long way to go in terms of women getting equal space in every area of life.’

Harry Richardson, pictured, has found love in New York with American dancer Juliet Doherty

Why Poldark’s Harry is jumping for joy in NY

Poldark heartthrob Harry Richardson was frustrated when he moved to New York last year to film Julian Fellowes’s costume drama, The Gilded Age, only for the pandemic to delay production.

It wasn’t all bad, however, as I can reveal that he’s found love across the pond with American dancer, Juliet Doherty, 23.

Harry, 27, who previously courted his Poldark co-star Eleanor Tomlinson, describes Juliet as a ‘masterpiece’ and admits: ‘My world is infinitely brilliant with [her] in it.’

He barrelled through life with uninhibited zest, earning himself the soubriquet ‘The Seducer of the Valleys’ — and was never upstaged, even when his younger brother enjoyed a protracted affair with the married Princess Margaret.

But the prospect of Sir Dai Llewellyn’s roistering exploits being committed to print appears too much for his family to stomach, even though it’s 12 years since the baronet died aged 62.

A proposal by Annabel Milnes-Smith — at various times Llewellyn’s PA, friend and lover — to write a biography, illustrated by some very personal photographs, has, I can disclose, been greeted with a fusillade of objections.

‘There’s been a huge row,’ one of Llewellyn’s old allies tells me. ‘His daughters, Arabella and Olivia, have told Annabel that they don’t want her to write a word.’

The daughters’ unease is understandable. During an unstoppably libidinous career, Llewellyn impressed himself on a succession of notable beauties, beginning with Lady Charlotte Curzon, the 6th Earl Howe’s daughter.

Milnes-Smith tells me she’s now had second thoughts: ‘I was wrongly assuming that Arabella and Olivia had given their blessing.

‘This is not the case and I quite understand their wish for me not to go ahead.’

The smart set’s talking about… Soulful pop heiress Gigi Moss

Culture Club drummer Jon Moss helped create the soundtrack of the 1980s with hits such as Karma Chameleon.

Now, his daughter, Gigi, is making her own bid for musical stardom.

I can disclose the 20-year-old Londoner is releasing her debut single, Poisoned Whispers, next Friday. ‘It’s about toxic relationships,’ she tells me.

‘I recorded it in my dad’s garage — with proper equipment. He actually did the drums on it.’

Gigi, whose inner circle includes models Iris Law and Emilia Boateng — daughter of Savile Row tailor Ozwald — features her pals in the music video.

Describing her style as a mix of R ’n B, pop and soul, she adds: ‘The first time my dad saw me perform properly, two years ago, he cried.

‘He supports me and gives me advice on my music, which I appreciate.

‘I hope one day I can win a Grammy like he did.’

Selfie-seeking fans are no laughing matter, says the usually amiable comedian Rob Brydon.

‘You’ll sometimes get people and it’s clear they are not bothered about you at all,’ the Gavin & Stacey star says.

‘It’ll be something to show their mates, so they’ll get a picture with you sometimes without even asking.’

The Welsh actor, 55, adds: ‘I would prefer it if someone was pleased to meet you, then that’s just delightful.’

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