Evelyn Mae Boswell memorial so massive it had to be moved to local church after ‘cops find remains’ – The Sun

A MEMORIAL for Evelyn Mae Boswell was so massive it spilled on to a neighbor's property and had to be moved to a local church.

The memorial came after police announced late Friday night they found remains that they believe to be the missing 15-month-old toddler, who was last seen in December.

Dozens of stuffed animals, bouquets of flowers, posters and balloons were moved Sunday morning by Tennessee police and others paying tribute to little Evelyn.

The tribute began around a tree, and grew to the point where it spilled onto a neighbor's property.

“The gentleman that lives in the house over here beside us decided he didn’t want it on his property, so the group that was here this morning — along with some officers — had to move it," the memorial's organizer, Lynda Hooker told WJHL.

Living by Faith Freewill Baptist Church's Pastor allowed the memorial to be moved to a shelter behind the church, to allow the community more time to pay their respects to Evelyn.

“He was nice enough to let us move it to the shelter for a few more days so everybody could try to get a little closure on this,” Hooker told WJHL.

“I started this the night the news broke at the tree here.

The stuffed animals from the memorial will later be donated to children's hospitals.

“I know that Evelyn is smiling at us because she’s feeling the love that she should’ve had," Hooker said.

The memorial began after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced late Friday night they believed they found remains that they believe to be the toddler on a property belonging to a family member of Evelyn's mother, Megan Boswell.

Officials are working to identify the body, and waiting on an autopsy report.

The discovery late Friday came after police reportedly found "something from under the trailer in a brown or orange-colored bag" in Blountville, Tennessee – the same town where investigators found the remains.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee County Sheriff's Office have been investigating the mysterious disappearance of the toddler since her mother, Megan Boswell, reported her missing last month.

Although she had not been seen since December, Evelyn's mother did not report her missing until February.

Megan Boswell was arrested late last month for lying to police about her daughter's whereabouts and giving a false report.

She had given cops conflicting information about her daughter's whereabouts.

The mother said the toddler was taken to a trailer park with the toddler's grandmother, Angela Boswell in South Carolina, and also told police Evelyn was with her father, Ethan Perry.

Police discovered Evelyn's father did not have the toddler, and he is stationed on active duty in the military in Louisiana.

The toddler's mom said she could not take a lie detector test because she is pregnant.

Angela Boswell and her boyfriend, William McCloud were arrested just days before Evelyn's mother, on car theft charges.

They were considered suspects in the child's disappearance.

Police previously searched a pond in Wilkes County, South Carolina, where Angela Boswell and her boyfriend were arrested.

Authorities did not find the toddler's remains when searching the area, and had remained hopeful she was alive.

Friday night, however, police announced the heartbreaking discovery that marks a tragic turning point in the investigation.

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