Here’s what Marco Rubio has to say about a challenge from Ivanka Trump

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Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday that anyone who challenges him in the 2022 primary — including Ivanka Trump — would be in for “a tough race.”

“If you’re going to run for the Florida Senate, if you’re going to run in the state of Florida, you’re going to have a tough race,” Rubio said on “Fox News Sunday” when asked about the possibility of a challenge, specifically from former President Trump’s daughter.

“Including a primary,’’ he said of challengers.

Host Chris Wallace raised the prospect of the challenge in 2022, saying “there has been talk … about the possibility that Ivanka Trump might run against you in a Republican primary in Florida.”

Politico earlier this month quoted a GOP fund-raiser in contact with then-President Trump saying her husband, New York City real-estate scion Jared Kushner, is working “to promote his wife’s political career.

Meanwhile, earlier in Rubio’s Sunday interview with Wallace, the Sunshine State senator said he is opposed to a Senate impeachment trial for former President Trump.

“The first chance I get to vote to end this trial, I’ll do it,” Rubio said.

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