Horrifying moment driver kicks and punches mum-of-three in litter row

EXCLUSIVE: Litter lout! Horrifying moment mother-of-three is attacked after trying to return rubbish to driver who dumped it out of her car window

  • Michelle Beaumont, 33, challenged a litter lout after seeing her throw rubbish from a car
  • Michelle, a trainee midwife, threw the rubbish back into the woman’s vehicle
  • The enraged driver then followed Michelle to her home in Eltham, south London 
  • The attacker got out of her car and allegedly shoved Michelle into a bush before battering her in front of five screaming children
  • Michelle was taken to hospital, Woolwich after repeated vomiting and suffering from blurred vision
  • A doctor feared she may have suffered bleeding to the brain and has recommended she have a brain scan 

This is the shocking moment a little lout attacks a mother-of-three who confronted her after she threw rubbish out of the window. 

Victim Michelle Beaumont’s children are heard screaming as she was allegedly kicked and punched repeatedly in a ‘ferocious’ assault that led hospital doctors to fear she may have suffered brain damage.

She had earlier told off a woman who she’d seen winding down a car window and throwing out one piece of litter after another.

The Range Rover driver then allegedly followed Michelle back to her home in Eltham, south east London, got out of her car, and shoved her into a bush before battering her in front of five children – while a man who tried to come to the rescue is heard saying ‘Get off her’.

A litter lout is caught on camera confronting a mother-of-three who confronted her about throwing rubbish from her car window

Mother-of-three Michelle Beaumont (pictured), 33, was pushed into a bush and punched and kicked in the horrifying attack that left her needing hospital treatment

Michelle was later taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, south east London, after repeated vomiting – also suffering from blurred vision and multiple bruises. She also had clumps of her hair yanked out during the attack.

A doctor feared she may have suffered bleeding to the brain and has recommended she have a brain scan.

Even Michelle’s partner Wayne Grogan and a male neighbour could not at first pull off her crazed attacker.

Police arrived and spoke to the attacker and are continuing investigations.

Mum-of-three Michelle, 33, on a career break from her civilian police job and training to be a midwife, is Executive Director of the Little Pickers anti-litter group.

Michelle said: ‘I was going to get my kids from school when I saw a woman stop at the end of my road, wind her window down, and empty her rubbish out one thing at a time – crisp and sweet packets and a plastic bottle.

‘I didn’t get a chance to say anything, but after school pick-up, I saw her pulling out of my road, so I wound my window down and said ‘I saw what you did, use a bin next time’. She said ‘you’re messing with the wrong girl’.

‘I said ‘it’s probably blown into someone’s garden’ and she said ‘it doesn’t matter’.

‘One plastic bottle was still in the road so I said ‘here’s a bit of the rubbish you threw, have it back’.’

Michelle, who is just 5ft 3in tall, added: ‘She then followed me to my home, so I got my phone out to take her car reg.

‘She then shoved me into my bush and then grabbed me by the hair and would not let go and kneed and punched me in the head. She accused me of throwing the bottle at her two kids, but I didn’t.

Michelle’s partner Wayne Grogan (pictured together) could be heard on the video shouting ‘get off her!’. Wayne and a male neighbour could not at first pull off her crazed attacker

‘My phone fell to the floor and my 20-year-old neighbour Freddie came to try and pull her off. But I’ve got very long hair and she’d gripped it so hard.

‘My partner Wayne was also over the road fitting a light for some elderly neighbours and he came out and he also tried to stop her, but we were worried our two-year-old was going to get caught up in the punches, so he took her.

‘It was really ferocious. I’ve got ten lumps on my head. In the end Freddie got her off and strangely she waited until the police came.’

Michelle’s children Daisy, eight, Harry, five, and Amber, two, witnessed the attack, and Michelle said the other woman’s two primary school-aged children were watching.

‘I was at A&E for hours and my three children by then were at my mum’s, so I left without the scan because I was worried they were really traumatised.

‘I’ve never been in a fight in my life, but I’m passionate about stopping littering.’

She later posted to her anti-litter social media group: ‘To everyone tempted to throw litter back into cars that throw litter, take it from me, it’s not worth it!!’

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 15:29hrs on Monday, 24 May to Kingsground, Eltham following a disturbance.

‘A woman in her 30s alleged that she had been assaulted by another woman, aged in her 20s, following a row over alleged littering. There were no arrests. Enquiries continue.’

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