Hundreds of thousands of revellers make the most of Mardi Gras

Hundreds of thousands of revellers party the night away in some VERY risque outfits at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – but a few may have had a little too much fun

  • Thousands of revellers flooded to the CBD for Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday night
  • Some partygoers appeared worse for wear following the night of festivities and parade on Oxford Street
  • Other cheerful attendees continued to enjoy the festivities by dancing along the confetti-filled street

Hundreds of thousands of revellers have enjoyed a night out on the town following the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade in Sydney.

Drenched in glitter and dressed in bright ensembles, partygoers flooded to Oxford Street for the 42nd annual LGBT celebration on Saturday. 

Cheerful attendees continued to enjoy the festivities by dancing along the confetti-filled street at the conclusion of the parade.

But the big night of partying proved too much for some revellers who were forced to stop for a nap on the side of the road.  

Spread the love! A man dressed in a fake pink police cap and aviator hugs a woman wearing a glittery bikini style top 

Home time! Dressed in a rainbow bodysuit, a reveller dangles a fellow partygoer wearing sequin shorts head-first towards the ground

The night got too much for some – who sought comfort in their fellow partygoers during the festivities

Love is real: A couple share a kiss following a night celebrating love and equality in Sydney

Party time: Crowds dressed in bright colours and glitter hover in the Sydney CBD following the 42nd annual Mardi Gras parade in Sydney

Taking a rest: A woman with tattoos across her back opted for a red bodysuit for Saturday’s night of fun 

How ya going? A police officer speaks to a member of the crowd during Mardi Gras festivities on Saturday

Inside the box: A woman dressed in a denim skirt wears a milk crate – which has the rainbow pride flag painted across it – over her head 

One man was seen carrying a male mannequin across his shoulder as celebrations took a bizarre turn and another reveller wore a milk crate – which had the rainbow pride flag painted across it – over her head.

Meanwhile loved-up partygoers embraced with a kiss, while others posed for selfies and gave piggy back rides. 

Paramedics and police were seen assisting revellers as the night wore on.  

Rubbish was strewn along the ground across the city and one nifty collector was snapped gathering empty soft drink and water bottles.  

I’ve got you! A reveller carries another young partygoer after the Mardi Gras parade on Oxford Street

Found a friend? A reveller carries a mannequin over his shoulders as Mardi Gras celebrations come to a close

The clean up begins! One nifty collector begins to gather water and soft drink bottles scattered across the road

This couple covered in rainbow feather boas sat on the side of the road to have a chat during the festivities

Chillin’: Partygoers take a break from the festivities to check their phones on Saturday night

Friends: A woman in a lacy red bodysuit is comforted by a fellow partygoer after a night of fun 

Taking a break: Two revellers – one without a top and another without pants – paused on the festivities for a short break

One for the road: A couple lie across the kerb in Sydney’s CBD after the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night

Heading home: Revellers walk along Oxford Street following the parade. Confetti is seen strewn across the road 

One man with a rainbow flag attached to his back carried a suitcase as he made his way through the parade

Crowds of about 200,000 gathered to watch the parade on Saturday, with some attendees deciding to cover-up with face masks amid coronavirus fears. 

More than 12,000 people participated in the parade, which kicked off with ‘dykes on bikes’ as per tradition. 

Of the 191 floats in the parade, several focused on climate change while Australia’s bushfire crisis ‘heroes’ also took front and centre. 

Police officers, who were on bikes, clashed with protesters after they stopped a fake NSW Liberals float featuring pictures of Scott Morrison. 

The fake float carried signs that read ‘turn back the float, wreck their endeavour’. 

One woman showed off her sparkly two piece ensemble to a police officer who was working at the event

Catching up: A group of friends gather on the side of the road following a big evening in Sydney city

Resting: A man takes a quick nap on the cement after a big night for Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras

Ticket to ride: A man gives a piggy back ride to a woman in heeled boots following Mardi Gras celebrations

Come on you! Two women hold hands while one of them is embraced by a reveller in a pink ballerina skirt

Hopping home: A man in pink bunny ears takes a phone call following the parade on Saturday

Courtney Act was spotted at the parade  in canary yellow heels and a sparkly leotard

Parade creative director Kat Hopper said this year’s ‘What Matters’ theme seeks to stoke debate around social justice, trans rights, sustainability, climate change and love.

Grammy Award-winning UK singer Sam Smith headlined the afterparty alongside American pop performer Kesha and Brazilian drag queen Pablo Vittar.

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness was spotted walking across Oxford Street during the celebrations. 

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese made an appearance at the event, smiling at the camera from the crowd.  

The parade commemorates the ’78ers, a small group of protesters who were arrested and beaten by police when they tried to march as part of international gay celebrations back in 1978.

G’day mate: Mardi Gras revellers take a break on Saturday evening and sit on the side of the road

Forty winks: A man gets some hard earned shut eye under ‘be your own guardian angel’ graffiti on Saturday

The boys in blue: Police and ambulance crews watch a shirtless man sit on a bench following Mardi Gras celebrations

Mardi Gras revellers take a break from festivities on Saturday and sit on the concrete

A couple are not fazed by crowds around them or nearby police car and sit in the middle of the road in an embrace

A man in his underpants is comforted by other revellers and a police officer during Saturday’s annual celebrations

Police conducted a high-visibility operation for the event on Saturday.

Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell thanked the majority of partygoers for being on their best behaviour.   

‘Everyone came together to mark the 42nd anniversary of the parade in such a spectacular fashion,’ Assistant Commissioner Crandell said. 

‘Police have come a long way in building relationships with the LGBTIQ community and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras event organisers.

‘However, it was disappointing that we were requested to remove three people from the parade ground for unauthorised entry. Their removal was done to ensure the event could continue to proceed in a safe and peaceful manner.’

The three people – two aged 31 and another aged 35 – were removed from the parade ground following an unauthorised entry about 10pm.

NSW Police said 13 people were arrested for offences including assault, affray, and drug possession.   

Busting some shapes: Revellers continue the Mardi Gras celebrations by creating a dance party on the street 

A group of Mardi Gras partygoers sit on the ground and speak to police on Saturday evening

A woman with a double bun hairstyle and a matching shiny ensemble speaks with police

Say cheese! A couple sit on the middle of the road and pose for an adorable selfie during Mardi Gras

A woman dressed in a yellow tutu lies on the curb following Mardi Gras festivities on Saturday

The party continued throughout the night with many revellers opting to dance in the middle of the road

A man comforts a woman in a spotty dress following a long evening at Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras 

A couple embrace on some stairs following the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night in Sydney’s CBD

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