Jeffrey Epstein's immaculate Zorro Ranch seen in eerie footage as evidence sent to feds after Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest

JEFFREY Epstein's immaculately preserved Zorro Ranch is seen in eerie new footage – after investigative evidence was sent to feds which could see it seized, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

Aerial photographs and video captured in the New Mexico desert show the notorious 10,000 acre estate, where Epstein allegedly raped and sexually assaulted young girls, with the help of supposed procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell.

A few employees are still working at the site, seen here from the skies, but the multi-room white mansion is believed to be empty, with all of the curtains drawn and the 'Z' logo still visible on the side of the building.

Creepy images of the idyllic ranch show all the gardens in seemingly perfect condition, with luscious green lawns, low maintenance shrubs, and large trees adding weight to the landscape.

Investigators are now believed to be probing crimes at the mansion, with a number of women claiming to have been trafficked and abused at the ranch.

One source claimed that Manager Brice Gordon and his wife Karen, who have been listed at the Stanley address since the early 2000s, allegedly "disappeared" after Epstein's death last year, with locals speculating they moved to New Zealand.

But another source told The Sun this week the couple could still be at the property, choosing to stay out of the spotlight since Ghislaine's arrest.

"Brice and Karen are originally from New Zealand and many thought they had moved back, but they are believed to still be maintaining the ranch," a source said.

"They also have a rental in Santa Fe which they lease to a friend, and appear to be keeping a very low profile.

"There used to be horses and cattle on the land, but there are no animals as the stables and fields remain empty.

"There is never any answer at the intercom and the large double gates are surrounded by an array of signs warning against trespass," following a recent break-in.

Once a playground for Epstein and alleged 'madam' Ghilslaine, who threw lavish dinner parties and frolicked in the indoor pool with famous visitors, it is now mostly deserted.

A bright red SUV is the only vehicle seen parked near the garages in the entranceway to the hilltop mansion, while a row of colorful farm machinery is kept undercover close to the workers' cottages, a mile from the main house.

A large greenhouse stands idle, and a beautiful fountain in the courtyard, once enjoyed by guests, has been shut off.

Locals are annoyed the ranch has not been raided, but investigators from the Attorney General's Office have been working since last year to assist lead federal prosecutors – by interviewing possible staff members and victims listed in Epstein's infamous 'Little Black Book'.

In a statement, Matt Baca, Chief Counsel for the Attorney General's Office, told The Sun this week: "Our office has provided investigative evidence to assist lead federal prosecutors, and the New Mexico Attorney General is asking that the Zorro Ranch be seized by federal authorities."

It is not yet known who they have spoken to, or what evidence has been delivered to the Southern District of New York, which is continuing the investigation into the late financier's alleged co-conspirators.

Epstein's address book, which featured 1,510 contacts, including staff, alleged victims, celebrities and politicians, some of which say they never met the pedophile, first emerged in court after Epstein's former property manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, tried to sell it for $50,000. Gawker then published it in 2015.

Property can only be seized in criminal cases in New Mexico, which may explain the delay, and Zorro Ranch is still being run by Cypress Inc, a company linked to Epstein.

Frank Fisher, public affairs specialist for the FBI's office in Albuquerque, told The Sun there are "no announcements" yet regarding any investigation.

Angie Poss from the Land Office, who was turned away at the gates when her agency attempted to inspect the site last year, says Brice and Karen never returned her calls.

Her office canceled a lease agreement for 1,200 acres, and Cypress Inc attempted to sue before reaching a non-monetary settlement.

She told The Sun she is worried the investigation is taking too long and any physical evidence may have been removed or even destroyed – while she is concerned the information uncovered thus far may not be enough.

"We're still asking the same question the entire time, why is this the only property where the FBI hasn't taken any action?" she said.

"I'm pretty frustrated that it wasn't raided, and that was a feeling throughout our office, that nothing ever happened.

"I have been following it pretty closely, and there's a little bit of renewed interest since Ghislaine was arrested, but I think documentary film crews have found out more about New Mexico than our State Attorney General has."

She added: "Bruce and Karen are nowhere to be found, and some folks were arrested for attempting to break-in, they stole something, I don't know how they got in."

According to The Santa Fe New Mexican, the arrested pair were relocating from California to Santa Fe when they decided to stop by and see what they could pick up.

Melanie Villegas, 25, and her husband Darl Carson, 31, each face one charge of nonresidential burglary, criminal damage to property, possession of burglary tools, and larceny.

Santa Fe County sheriffs busted the pair after they allegedly drove onto the land in a black Dodge truck.

They were accused of breaking into a storage container and taking a "radiator of a French antique Citroën car that was converted into a mirror with glass shelving," worth about $500.

When quizzed by cops, Villegas admitted they stopped by the secluded estate after seeing it featured in the Netflix documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, about the pedophile's twisted life.

The Santa Fe New Mexican names two members of staff who still work at Zorro Ranch – security guards Amber Chavez and Cynthia Cano.

Security guard Chavez first spotted the couple on the land, and as they attempted to drive away, she warned them: "Don't do that, I have a gun and the police are on their way," according to the police report.

The Sun can reveal are both guards are also listed in Epstein's 'Little Black Book' and are believed to have worked at the ranch for years.

The couple, who have been released on $2,500 unsecured appearance bonds, denied having any weapons in their truck, but a deputy found two firearms, along with a crowbar and bolt cutters.

They are expected to appear in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court on July 8.

The Sun has reached out to Chavez and Cano, along with Brice and Karen, who did not return our calls.


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