Journalists slam Chris Cuomo for advising Andrew on sex harass claims

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Journalists across the nation slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for advising his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo on how to handle sexual harassment allegations against him — and even the network’s own reporters are and “bothered” by the conduct. 

“The revelation that Cuomo had advised his brother during strategy sessions has vexed staffers inside CNN,” the network’s senior media reporter, Oliver Darcy, tweeted Thursday afternoon shortly after the news came to light.  

“Multiple CNN staffers told me they were bothered by Cuomo’s conduct and the violation of traditional journalistic standards,” 

Chris Cuomo, one of the network’s star anchors, advised not just his big brother but multiple members of his senior staff on how to handle a mounting pile of sexual harassment allegations confronting the governor, the Washington Post reported Thursday. 

The CNN anchor was known to provide political advice and expertise during the strategy sessions, which typically occurred after reporters reached out for comment about a new accuser’s allegations, the outlet reported, citing four sources familiar with the calls. 

Journalists were quick to criticize Chris Cuomo’s actions after the news broke. 

“Every time I see [a] mess like this I think about how 22-year-old me wrestled with whether it was ethical to accept a free breakfast at a board meeting one time,” tweeted Melissa Brown, a news and enterprise reporter for Alabama’s Montgomery Advertiser.

“The Chris Cuomo story is a story of power. Any junior level staffer who moonlighted as a political adviser would see their job suspended or gone,” Sam Stein from Politico and MSNBC wrote. 

“Chris Cuomo faces no penalties by CNN despite having engaged in an easily-fireable and inexcusable offense,” said Gene Park, who covers games for the Washington Post. 

“The actual ethical rules of journalism don’t matter when you’re popular enough. When you’re a star, you can get away with anything.” 

Andrew Feinberg, a White House reporter, also wrote that Chris Cuomo’s actions “would be a fireable offense in many newsrooms.” 

“This is what happens when someone [who] has never actually had to apply for a job because he’s the sort of person for whom positions are created, then posted to fulfill legal requirements after management offers it to him. Pathetic.” 

Christopher Mathias, a senior reporter at Huffington Post, pointed to Chris Cuomo’s lofty position with the network and how difficult it is for most journalists to survive in the industry. 

“Can’t stop thinking abt how Chris Cuomo gets paid millions & can blatantly violate journalistic ethics w/o consequence while thousands of honest, hardworking journalists just get laid off,” Mathias wrote. 

“Incidentally it appears CNN is hiring a standards editor lol,” he continued, with a link showing a job posting for the position.

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