Landlord BANNED from renting out homes after 'shocking' state of property housing 18 people including six kids revealed

A LANDLORD has been banned from renting out homes after the "shocking" state of one property revealed 18 people, including six kids, had been living in it.

Adam Habane will be barred from letting or managing properties for the next five years after an investigation by Bristol City Council unearthed the horrid conditions tenants has been living in.

Up to 18 people, including six kids, were thought to be living in a run-down property run by Mr Habane on Lower Ashley Road in Bristol, the council said.

The council said the heartless landlord had a "long history of poor property management" and found him guilty in March 2021 of mismanaging seven flats at the same address.

The conditions at the delipidated property were so bad that Bristol City Council issued an order making it illegal for anyone to live there in the state it was in.

Photos from the property showed the sickening conditions tenants lived in with rooms and hallways filled with black mould and a large hole with insulation hanging out in the bathroom ceiling.

The council's private housing team – which launched a case in March last year after visiting – found the property had been converted into a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

A statement by the council said: "The property was discovered to be in very poor repair and poorly managed, with particular concerns for the safety of the occupants due to the absence of operating fire alarm systems.

"The concern was so great that, as a precautionary measure, the council provided battery operated smoke detectors to the property that day, to protect the tenants while decisions were made of the future of the property.

"Other safety issues remained, and the council later made Prohibition Orders on the flats in the main building of the property to make it illegal for anyone to live there, due to the very poor and unsafe living conditions."

Mr Habane has been prohibited from letting houses or carrying out letting agency or property management work in England as well as acting as an officer of any company that works in the area.

His name will also be added to the Government's Rougle Landlord database.

The statement continued: "The council took the decision to apply for a banning order following this case because of the seriousness of those offences and the potential harm to tenants.

"It is also hoped it will deter other rogue landlords and agents from operating in a criminal way."

Bristol City Council councillor and cabinet member for housing Tom Renhard said rogue landlords and agents "have no place in Bristol".

He said: "The council will use all its powers available to stop these criminals from operating in Bristol and the rest of the country.

"This was a particularly shocking case, where the landlord showed a blatant disregard for the safety of his tenants.

"That is why we took the decision to apply for a banning order following the successful conviction earlier this year."

The council said Mr Habane has so far refused to confirm if he's involved in the letting or management of any other rental properties.

Anyone who believes they're involved in a property under Mr Habane's management is being urged to contact the council on [email protected] .

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