Londoners toast return to Tier 2 while Mancunians fume over Tier 3

‘Get me to the pub for a Peroni and a substantial meal’: Londoners toast return to Tier Two on December 2… while those in Manchester fume over strictest curbs being enforced

  • London has been placed into Tier Two restrictions when national lockdown ends
  • But Manchester has been placed into Tier Three, leaving its residents angered
  • People from various areas of England have reacted in different ways on Twitter 

Pub-starved Londoners have today toasted a return to Tier Two on December 2, while those in Manchester have been left fuming over facing tough Tier Three restrictions.

It comes as it was today announced London will be placed into the Government’s  ‘High’ Tier of restrictions when the national lockdown ends next month.

It means pubs, bars and restaurants will be allowed to open and serve drinks – providing they are with a substantial meal.

But Greater Manchester, which battled with the Government about plans to place the area into Tier 3 measures before the lockdown, will again be placed into the ‘Very High’ risk Tier.

Rival city Liverpool, which went into the lockdown in Tier 3, will come out in Tier 2, adding to anger among Mancunians.

Here’s what people had to say about the different areas:


Stuart Murphy said: ‘Get me to the pub for a draught Peroni and a substantial meal!’ 

Joe Smith said: ‘London in Tier 2… get them boozers open!’ Another, Zak Gurrd said: ‘Tier 2 London. Get me in that pub next week.’

While some celebrated, others made sarcastic remarks at the fact London – where most of the country’s political representatives are – was in Tier 2.

One said: ‘London in Tier 2? How convenient’.

Another said: ‘Of course London is in Tier 2 because that’s where Bojo (Boris Johnson) is… he won’t want to be in Tier 3 for Christmas.’


In Liverpool people celebrated the fact the city was in Tier 2. The city had been in Tier 3 prior to the national lockdown.

One person on Twitter, sharing a picture of Rachel and Phoebe from Friends celebrating, said: ‘Liverpool in Tier 2?? We love to see it.’

Another used a picture of ex-Manchester United star and now Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville with a bottle of champagne, captioning it: ‘Manchester Tier 3, Liverpool Tier 2.’ 

Another, sharing a picture of a person with a confused face, said: ‘Nottingham and Derby in Tier 3 but London and Liverpool in Tier 2? Are we alright?’ 


Others fumed at Manchester being in the highest level of restrictions.

Shannon Louise Rimmer said: ‘I’m sorry but this is a bloody joke. The likes of London the main capital are placed in Tier 2 and yet Manchester and most of the north which have the lowest ‘R’ rate are placed in Tier 3?? Did I miss something?’

Another wrote: ‘Manchester in Tier 3 AGAIN. If I don’t laugh I’ll cry.’

One Twitter user took aim at Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, who was involved in a public war of words with the Government over plans to put the area into Tier 3 before lockdown.

The social media user said: ‘Manchester has been put into Tier 3 because their mayor literally wouldn’t sit down and shut up which has made Boris mad. It’s literal small man syndrome. 

Actor Oliver Phelps added: ‘London Tier 2. Birmingham and Manchester Tier 3… What a surprise that is?!?,’ adding the hashtag ‘same old’.

Cricketer Michael Vaughan, who is from the Greater Manchester town of Eccles, said: ‘Again what utter nonsense… How can Northern cities be Tier 3 yet London Tier 2!???? POLITICAL games yet again…’

The North East

Alongside parts of the north west, much of the north east has also been plunged into Tier 3, upsetting many residents there.

One Twitter user, Matt Dodge Donnelly said: ‘Newcastle with a lower infection rate than London. London are in Tier 2, Newcastle are in Tier 3 (pretends to be shocked). 

Another, journalist Sam Johnson, sharing a cartoon picture of a man looking shocked, said: ‘The North East in Tier 3 but London in Tier 2?’  

The reaction comes after London was placed in Tier 2 of Boris Johnson’s controversial lockdown rules, it was revealed today.

The decision to save the capital from Tier 3 will be a relief to many in the hospitality industry who will be able to reopen with limitations when the current national lockdown ends on December 2.

Coronavirus cases are falling quickly in more than two-thirds of London boroughs – and appear to be stalling in the rest.

The capital’s top restaurateurs and hoteliers had warned that placing the capital in Tier 3 would wipe out half the hospitality industry in the city and trigger an ‘atomic bomb’ of job losses after Christmas.

But there will be added complications because the entirety of Kent, which borders all of south-east London, is in Tier 3.

The Prime Minister has also chosen to impose Tier 3 on Manchester, Nottingham, Hull, Newcastle, Birmingham and Wolverhampton, which is predicted to put a wrecking ball through pubs, restaurants and clubs now forced to close or only offer takeaway into Christmas and the New Year.

The reaction comes after London was placed in Tier 2 of Boris Johnson’s controversial lockdown rules, it was revealed today

Millions of people will also be banned from socialising indoors or outdoors with any other households apart from five days over the festive period.

The Department of Health said decisions on tier levels were based on a number of factors, including case detection rates in all age groups and, in particular, amongst the over 60s.

But the Government is yet to release data on how it came to that conclusion for each area – or the criteria for how areas will move up and down the scale.

This will be decided privately by ministers and SAGE scientists.

How quickly case rates are rising or falling will also be taken into account, as will local pressure on the NHS, including current and projected capacity.

Areas placed in Tier 3 will be offered support from NHS Test and Trace and the Armed Forces to deliver a six-week rapid community testing programme, making use of rapid lateral flow tests which give results within an hour.

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