Melania Trump 'treated unfairly as first lady by critics who have ignored her incredible successes', Republican says

MELANIA Trump has been defended by Republicans who say critics treated the First Lady “unfairly” and “ignored her incredible successes”.

In an opinion piece for Fox News Jason Chaffetz, 53, a former Representative for Utah’s third congressional district, claimed Melania had given “outstanding service” to the US and had been an “exceptional” First Lady.

Citing Melania Trump's achievements, Mr Chaffetz said: “She managed to launch a successful anti-bullying campaign, conduct important outreach abroad, protect her teenage son from relentless bullying, and serve as an inspiration to those trying to integrate into American culture.”

He also blasted the “unscrupulous liberal media” for what he saw as their “unfair” treatment of Mrs. Trump, 50, adding that the former First Lady Michelle Obama had been given “obsequious coverage” and the same was now happening to Jill Biden.

Among Melania’s achievements, Mr Chaffetz noted her “Be Best” campaign to highlight the issues facing children today, focusing on “wellbeing, online safety and opioid abuse”.

He said those issues “needed and deserved the attention,” particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Chaffetz also praised her diplomatic skills, saying she had “demonstrated compassion, kindness and diplomacy” and left a “positive impression on foreign leaders”.


Melania had also been a “wonderful mother” to her teenage son, Barron, despite the intense scrutiny from the “overwhelmingly hostile press”, he claimed.

Mr Chaffetz does note Mrs. Trump did make a few “missteps” while in the White House, particularly the controversy regarding the recordings released by a “disloyal former staffer” of a private conversation in which the first lady was heard complaining that policy issues should be more important than decorating the White House Christmas tree.

But he notes that while most of the media treated it as a “scandal” Mr Chaffetz claimed “it was hardly that”.

Mr Chaffetz wrote: “Throughout the past four years, Melania Trump has never been given the same benefit of the doubt enjoyed by previous first ladies.

“The mocking, cajoling, and lack of respect by the left-wing media and opponents of the president has been shameful and undeserving.”

In conclusion, Mr Chaffetz claimed Melania was leaving “behind a legacy as a classy and compassionate First Lady who was deserving of the respect owed the office.”

The support for Mrs. Trump comes just days after it was claimed Ivanka Trump had been trying to muscle in on First Lady Melania’s duties and poaching staff.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff made the accusations during The Daily Beast's podcast The New Abnormal with Molly Jong-Fast & Rick Wilson, which aired on December 18.

The former aide claimed Ivanka "impinged on Melania's duties while overstepping her rank and boundaries."

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