Mysterious sign claims three alien abductions happened in Dudley in one week and 'council not doing anything'

A MYSTERY sign claims three alien abductions happened in Dudley in one week – but the “council is not doing anything”.

It's not known whether the latest alleged sightings have anything to do with the bizarre 'Dudley Dorito' UFO.

The weird sign has suddenly popped amid trees in woodland, Sedgley in the West Midlands.

It reads: “3 alien abductions here in one week!! When are the council going to do something?”

The Daily Star writes that UFO believers reckon the county lies at the heart of alien activity within the UK.

West Midlands Police received 12 reports of UFO sightings between 2013 and 2016.

And according to a Freedom of Information reply, the force investigated 20 999 or 101 calls it received in relation to alleged UFO or alien sightings from 2015 until 2017.

The Star quotes one woman writing on a UFO-spotting website that she allegedly saw an orange flickering ball in the sky.

Lisa added: "My immediate thought was that it looked like a plane on fire, but it clearly wasn’t.

“It moved far too fast to be a plane – we live near the flight path so we are used to seeing planes.

"I watched it for probably only a few seconds and saw as it travelled across the sky, not down, reduced in size and then disappeared.”

One man wrote on the same site about a "white light" which he claimed "flew across the sky at a speed I have never seen before in any man-made tech.

"I didn’t hear a boom as expected with such speed, just a faint hum.

"It was no meteor – it was also very low and the light was very bright. I saw it for three seconds before it had travelled across the entire sky and out of sight.”

A council officer told the Daily Star Sunday: “There is something definitely going on with UFO activity in the West Midlands – but no one would ever go on the record to confirm that.

"But as for alien abductions in Sedgley- not so sure about that.”

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, cabinet member for the public realm said: “We have been made aware of the sign which will be removed."

Comments posted on the online article show people are bemused by the sign's claim.

One wrote: "Terrible. All that council tax paid and they do nothing. More yellow lines, parking meters and 'no low flying' signs are needed."

Another posted: "Someone tell these cretins that aliens are not real. Also stop airing their warped fantasies."

Back in 2012 the Sun revealed claims about a mysterious “Dudley Dorito” UFO, claimed to have been spotted multiple times in the area.

The object, which looks like an extra-terrestrial tortilla chip, was captured by an amateur cameraman who posted the footage on YouTube.

He could be heard saying “I don’t know what that is” as the triangular aircraft glided silently across the frame above a forest in the north of England.

The UFO was dubbed the Dudley Dorito after its first sighting over the
Midlands in 2007, but it was unclear whether the YouTube footage was real or a hoax.

Eye-witnesses first saw the black triangle hovering over Halesowen and they reported the close encounter to UFORM, a local group of UFO-spotters.

Then in 2010 David Allan from Sutton Coldfield reported seeing a triangular
object four or five times bigger than an aeroplane in the skies on Bonfire

A few weeks after that 21-year-old quality inspector Minuesh Mistry saw the Dudley Dorito hovering above his home in Tipton in the West Midlands.

But the phenomenon of “black triangle” UFOs has been dismissed as similar to the effect ball lightening has on the atmosphere.

Project Condign was the name of a study undertaken by Defence Intelligence Staff between 1997 and 2000.

The MOD department claimed the airborne objects were “supernormal atmospheric plasma phenomenon”.

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