New York homes become ‘IGLOOS’ after ice blast sends temperatures plummeting – The Sun

IT WAS snow joke for New York residents who awoke to homes swathed in Narnia-like icicles.

The igloos were created after "48 hours of battering wind off Lake Erie formed an otherworldly scene south of Buffalo", said veteran TV anchor John Kucko.

Residents in parts of upstate New York were digging out from two feet or more of snow, ahead of additional snowfall falling on Saturday.

And temperatures plunged below zero.

Blowing snow has fallen around the state since Thursday, though the heaviest snowfall was concentrated in largely rural areas east of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, reported the Associated Press.

Houses along Hoover Beach were covered by ice from high winds and from the waves from Lake Erie.

Kucko shared photos of the iced-up properties on Twitter, and said: "Welcome to Narnia.

"Two days of gale force winds along Lake Erie have iced over many of the homes along the beach in Hamburg, New York."

He described the frozen landscape as a “surreal sight – gives new meaning to the term ‘beach life’."

The news anchor also explained that boulders placed near homes in the area “do the trick as far as slowing momentum of waves, and spray. It’s costly, but seems to help.

“Those that didn’t have enough on Lake Erie took on major ice.”

Kucko said the igloo-style houses “may take until May to melt”.

Ed Mis told WGRZ-TV that his home was encased in ice, that was between one and three feet thick.

He said: "I actually had to go out a secondary door and then chisel my way back into the house by breaking the ice."

Fox News reported that residents were struggling with the dark interiors of their igloo-style homes, particularly as windows and doors were also covered.

One homeowner, Lise Kreuder, told WIVB-TV that Hoover Beach needed a breakwater built to stop this from happening again in future.

She said: "My garage floor is starting to show cracks. Last night we took in a small amount of water."

Also in New York, Duane St. Louis told WNNY-TV: “We’ve got banks that are five — over five — foot high.

"You won’t see a car coming down through until it’s right on you,” he added, while clearing driveways in Copenhagen.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo said that up to four feet of snow had fallen in Carthage.

About two feet of snow fell around the Tug Hill region in northern New York, while South Watertown reported 34 inches.

Prior to the snowfall, forecasters had warned of winds as high as 55 mph in some areas.


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