New Zealand man with coronavirus attended Tool concert

A man who tested positive for coronavirus in New Zealand attended a concert by the rock band Tool last week — alongside thousands of other people, according to a Friday report.

The music lover, identified as the fourth person to be diagnosed with the bug in the country, watched the Los Angeles-based band perform songs from their new album, Fear Inoculum, at Auckland’s Spark Arena on Feb. 28, The New Zealand Herald reported.

He sat in the general admission section, in the front left-hand corner of the arena, according to the report.

“We encourage all people in the area of the concert to be aware of the symptoms and contact the Healthline if concerned,” Ashley Bloomfield, the country’s director-general of health, told local media.

Casual contacts could number in the hundreds, according to Bloomfield, but she added that “the risk is very low for all others who attended this concert.”

The man has isolated himself since Wednesday, does not require hospital-level care and has appropriate support from health officials, Bloomfield said, according to the Herald.

Authorities are now focusing on the man’s “close contacts,” and health officials have connected with them, Bloomfield said.

The country identified its third coronavirus case Thursday, who authorities believe may have contracted the disease through a relative who had been in Iran and returned to Auckland on a Feb. 23 flight, the paper reported.

“This third case of COVID-19 is classified as what we suspect is a case of family transmission,” Bloomfield said, according to the Herald.

The man’s father is being tested, the official said.

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