Norway are powerless to stop a Russian invasion by Putin, top military chiefs admit

TOP Norwegian military chiefs have admitted the country is powerless against a Russian invasion.

The military's operational headquarters recognise they have too few resources to prevent an attack from Vladimir Putin and need to scale up their army to improve national security.

Lieutenant General Rune Jakobsen, head of the Norwegian Armed Forces' operational headquarters (FOH), says Norway's global and regional security is more uncertain than ever.

He sees Putin becoming more assertive and says the daily operations of the armed forces need to be significantly upgraded – or there will be consequences, NRK reports.

Jakobsen believes the biggest issue is the sheer lack of army numbers.

The army is too small to take on the responsibilities it has and what is expected of Norway and in NATO.

He says reactivity, robustness and endurance in all branches of the forces are inadequate.

If there is an attack in the classical sense, then we do not have the necessary robustness

When asked if Norway would be able to defend itself in an attack, he said: "If there is an attack in the classical sense, then we do not have the necessary robustness."

FOH is located in a mountain facility on Reitan, just outside Bodø.

The department's duty is to retain Norway's sovereignty.

Their oceans are continuously monitored with surveillance aircraft and coastguard vessels to detect hostile activity near Norwegian territory.


But Jakobsen, as the Chief of Defence's foremost advisor within operational issues, has reported inadequacies in the service on a daily basis.

He said: "Not all resources are available as quickly as we need.

"We would have liked to have had more robustness on the maritime surveillance aircraft to better follow what is happening in the High North."


The government has now asked the Chief of Defence to assemble a new military council for the first time since 2014.

This council will begin the foundations of a long-term plan next year.

Jakobsen thinks the army needs two new combat battalions, in addition to the three existing ones.



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He also wants two new submarines and a better plan for the transition from old to new vessels in the Air Force.

The Lieutenant General says: "In the Armed Forces we are concerned with doing the best with what we have and the orders we receive.

"The mood at all levels in the Armed Forces is to get the best out of what we have."

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