Pregnant newlywed takes refuge from flood in church where she married

Pregnant newlywed, 28, who was forced to flee her home from devastating flood finds refuge in church where she got married six weeks ago

  • Katie Cuckoo was evacuated this week to Priory Church in Snaith, East Yorkshire 
  • The staff nurse married husband Scott, 36, in the same church six weeks ago
  • Her parents Stuart and Sue Ryder were also affected by rising flood waters 
  • Many residents were evacuated on Wednesday as the River Aire burst its banks

A pregnant newlywed has spoken of the ‘surreal’ moment she returned to the church where she married just six weeks ago to seek shelter from the devastating floods that have ravaged her town. 

Katie Cuckoo, 28, was among dozens of evacuees who sought refuge in the Priory Church in Snaith, East Yorkshire, after she was forced out of her home.

The last time Katie visited the ancient church was six weeks ago to say her wedding vows to husband Scott, 36.

Flood victims Katie Cuckoo, who is pregnant, and her parents Stuart and Sue Ryder sought refuge in Priory Church in Snaith, East Yorkshire, just six weeks after Katie’s wedding there

She was back in the church this week after the floods which devastated the town engulfed her garden in George Street and threatened to invade her home.

Firefighters, coastguard and Environment Agency officials evacuated the staff nurse as water levels rose for a third day in a row.

Katie, who is 11 weeks pregnant, had nowhere else to go but the sanctity of the church, which is located just a stone’s throw from the encroaching waters.

She joined the scores of evacuees sat on tables waited on by church volunteers, who provided displaced residents with hot food and drinks.

Katie was evacuated after her home was at threat from the rapidly rising water in Snaith

The scene was a far cry from when Katie walked down the church aisle with her father Stuart Ryder, who also sought refuge in the church with his wife Sue following the deluge.

Katie and her parents live in separate properties in George Street, which has borne the brunt of the rising water.

They were told to leave their homes as a matter of urgency on Wednesday as rising waters from the flooded River Aire spread throughout the town.

She said: ‘It was just surreal. It was so strange being back at the church.

‘The last time I was here was my wedding day, when I was done up to my eyeballs and then I was back in looking a mess, because I had been evacuated.’

Katie and her husband Scott on their wedding day at Priory Church six weeks ago

The church has been turned into a makeshift relief centre to help those affected by the floods.

Volunteers have distributed clothing, food, drink and provided shelter to those with nowhere else to go.

Katie added: ‘It’s my local church and my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all got married here, so it’s special to me.

‘The community spirit has been amazing.

‘I have been inundated with offers of help, but I am lucky, my house is on a hill.

‘There are many more people worse off than me. It’s horrendous. There’s people three doors down, whose bungalow is completely under water.’

Katie has been staying at her parent’s house after they were allowed to return as they live on higher ground.

Husband Scott, an electrical engineer, is currently away on work in Switzerland and she is waiting for him to return before she goes back home.

The couple is planning to call their new baby Robin Jay Cuckoo, after a scan revealed the couple are expecting a boy. 

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