Queen is ‘very sad’ Meghan Markle will leave son Archie in Canada during UK visit with Prince Harry this week – The Sun

THE Queen is said to be "very sad" by the news Meghan Markle may not bring baby Archie to the UK with her this week.

While Meghan and Prince Harry carry out their last round of royal engagements, they are not expected to give any glimpse of their nine-month-old son.

He is thought to be remaining in Canada, with a nanny and Meghan's pal Jessica Mulroney, when Meghan flies over to join her husband – who arrived in the UK last week.

The Sunday Times reports the 93-year-old monarch and Prince Philip, 98, are disappointed they are unlikely to see their great-grandson.

They first met him when he was two days old at Windsor Castle, but have not seen much of him since.

He hasn't been in the UK since last year, with his last official sighting as a photo posted on the Sussex Royal Instagram account on New Year's Eve.

The cost and logistics of leaving Archie behind will cause a headache for royal police, we reported last night.

Officers will have to divvy up roles to guard Meghan in London and her son in Vancouver.

The decision to leave Archie behind is likely to add up to £50,000 to the runaway royals’ ever-mounting security bill.

A royal insider said: “Meghan’s London jaunt is proving a real headache.

"It’s an expensive time just when the costs of looking after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are under scrutiny.”


Last week, Canadian police said they would stop assisting with security when the couple stepped down as working royals on March 31.

It means Harry and Meghan’s £20million-a-year security bill looks to fall squarely on the taxpayer-funded Met Police.

The couple’s team of about six royal protection officers cost taxpayers £600,000. This goes on salaries, overtime, overseas allowance, pensions, flights and accommodation.

Costs will rise greatly when the couple are permanently abroad.

It’s an expensive time just when the costs of looking after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are under scrutiny.

An internal memo predicts the couple will need at least 12 officers to cover them on trips, which are often made apart.

Our source said: “Next week will demonstrate the colossal challenges and sums involved when Harry and Meghan are in London needing security just as much as Archie.

“It’s as much as another £50,000 to what’s already being run up. But none of that will matter to senior royals who are despondent at not seeing the baby for so long.”

Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, believe they are legally entitled to year-round police protection and appear unwilling to pay for it.

The couple’s final official engagement is expected to be Commonwealth Day with the Queen at Westminster Abbey on March 9.

A spokeswoman said: “We don’t comment on their schedule.”

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