TikTok user horrified after finding 'out of touch neighbour had left Porsche to go mouldy inside

A WOMAN was left horrified after discovering her "out of touch" neighbour had left their Porsche to go mouldy.

TikTok user Eliza, 22, who moved to London from the United States, shared her disgust after spotting mould growing on the seats inside the filthy sports car near her house.

In a video uploaded to her TikTok page, she said: "So I live in a pretty nice area in London and I'm very fortunate to do so, but it's just insane how out of touch some of my neighbours are.

"This is a Porsche, I don't know what the model, make, whatever is.

"I'm walking by… there is f***ing mould in it, like the car is mouldy. Do you see that?

"I literally get stressed out if I have mould on my lemons let alone a hundred thousand pound car."

Eliza, who posts under the name @elizainlondon, captioned the video: "More than happy to take this off your hands if it's too much work."

The video shows specks of mould growing on the gear stick and the handbrake, along with the seats and steering wheel.

Thousands of people have since watched the grim clip – with some concerned something bad might have happened to her neighbour.

One user said: "We Brits have a saying, 'The rich can afford to be careless'."

Another replied: "The owner is probably dead or abroad and stuck there."

A third posted: "Happens with convertibles that have been left for a month or two. It's because it's not airtight and there's moisture getting in."

Someone else wrote: "Omg my neighbour's car has this too! How? How???"

"The difference in wealth across London is really something," another said.

Others noted the Porsche is an older model, so it probably isn't worth as much as Eliza mentioned in her video.

It comes after a pricey Porsche was vandalised in a belated April Fools "joke" in a celeb haunt in London.

The supercar worth £100,000 was spray painted with the words "April fool" and had its tyres slashed near Primrose Hill.

The words were sprayed on the Panamera S with a red paint over the tinted windows on either side of the car.

The rest of the body, the rims and the roof of the five door hatchback were splashed with white paint.

Paint was seen dripping out of the exhaust while a saw-dust like material had been poured across the top of the 2014 hybrid.

And in other car news, a clapped-out Ford Escort which has been languishing in garages for nearly 25 years is tipped to sell for £25,000.

The 1975 Mk 1 RS2000 model is in a rusty state and in need of lots of care and attention.

However, it could fetch a small fortune because of its rarity, because only 5,334 RS2000's were produced worldwide.

This survivor, which was originally diamond white, was bought as a restoration project three years ago by a retired man in Bournemouth, Dorset.

But he decided to let another enthusiast return it to its former glory, so he is selling it with Charterhouse Auctions, of Sherborne on July 14.

Auctioneer Richard Bromell said the Escort, which has been off-road since the late 1990s, may be "one of the last of its kind in original condition which has never been restored".

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