Times Square tourist tried to rip off Naked Cowboy's underwear

‘Now you’re really naked!’ Moment male Times Square tourist rips off Naked Cowboy’s underwear as he performs for revelers celebrating Biden’s election

  • Incident took place Saturday afternoon in New York’s Times Square 
  • Thousands gathered to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory in presidential election 
  • Naked Cowboy, whose real name is Robert Burck, was playing song for revelers 
  • Suddenly, a man darted toward him and tried to rip off his underwear 
  • ‘Now you’re naked!’ the prankster yelled after he tore off a piece of his trousers 

The famous guitar-playing Naked Cowboy nearly had his underwear torn off by a prankster during celebrations of Joe Biden’s election victory in New York’s Times Square on Saturday.

Video uploaded to social media shows the cowboy, whose real name is Robert Burck, playing guitar while singing Country Roads by John Denver as revelers gathered around and sang along.

‘One of these guys in the crowd just ran up and tore at the Naked Cowboys underwear and then yelled “Now you’re naked”,’ independent web journalist Elad Eliahu, 27, told the New York Post. 

The Naked Cowboy, the Times Square entertainer whose real name is Robert Burck, was playing his guitar and singing for revelers on Saturday who gathered in the area to celebrate Joe Biden’s election victory

Suddenly, one man rushed over toward him and tried to rip off his underwear

The man kept pulling on Burck’s underwear, sending Burck to the ground

Burck is seen above being helped up by Good Samaritans who witnessed the bizarre incident

The man managed to rip off a piece of the singer’s underwear on Saturday afternoon

Eliahu posted the footage of the incident on social media on Tuesday. He said that Burck was playing for a group of tourists who were visiting from out of town.

Burck was helped up off the ground by others as the prankster walked away.

‘I saw him out of the corner of my eye,’ Burck told the Post.

‘He wanted to just rip my underwear off and I didn’t want my weiner flipping around. It scraped the hell out of my knee.’

Eliahu said: ‘It’s really aggressive.’

‘While it was happening in real time, I thought it was a set up or a prank.

Overall, it was a festive atmosphere. Burck is seen above holding a Biden supporter who jumped into his arms

Burck is seen above posing with a man dressed as President Trump in Times Square on Saturday

‘Then it was clear they weren’t working together. I just felt bad.

‘The Naked Cowboy he was just trying to keep his drawers up.’

Burck, an avowed Trump supporter, nonetheless entertained the thousands of Biden supporters who gathered in Times Square on Saturday.

He posed for photographs with revelers wearing ‘Biden-Harris- t-shirts. One celebrant who was ecstatic over Biden’s victory even jumped into the Naked Cowboy’s arms. 

Dressed only in underpants, boots and cowboy hat, Burck charms tourists that usually throng the area out of a few dollars with a wink and a song.

But the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced Broadway to shut down while essentially putting a halt to tourism, has had a negative effect on his livelihood. 

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