UK mom weeps after being cleared of knowingly having sex with underage boy

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A UK mom wept in court Thursday as she was cleared of knowingly having sex with a boy who was only 14 years old — after he admitted previously lying about his age to set up a social media account, according to reports.

Mom-of-three Teah Vincent, 32, admitted to initiating sex with the teen after inviting him and a pal into her Glousterceshire home — but insisted she thought he was 16, the legal of consent in the UK.

She had told her trial that it was only after they were finished in bed that the schoolboy “panicked” and confessed his tender age.

She was cleared of knowingly having sex with an under-age boy after the court was told how he had lied about his age before, including when setting up a Facebook profile when he was too young to be approved, The Sun said.

He admitted to the online lie in court but still insisted that he “definitely did not tell [Vincent] I was 16 going on 17” before they had sex in October 2018, the court report said.

The jury of eight men and four women deliberated for just one hour and four minutes before clearing her of the underage sex crime, leaving her in floods of tears, The Sun said.

Her attorney, Catherine Flint, had reminded jurors in her closing arguments that they had to put aside any feelings that Vincent’s behavior may have been “morally questionable.”

“Your role is not to make moral judgements, but to decide if she broke the law,” Flint had said.

“Can you be sure he told her he was 14 before they had sex or had he lied about his age? You’d be hard-pressed to find a young teenager who doesn’t wish they were a few years older,” the defense attorney said.

Vincent wrote a joyful “NOT GUILTY” on her Facebook page under the name Teah Leanne as she posed alongside a friend outside court.


“WELLCOME 2021 FOR ME AND MY KIDS,” she said, having faced a possible jail term.

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