Kate and Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 20, shows off her new haircut after moving out of college

KATE and Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 20, showed off her new haircut after moving out of college.

Mady joked about a "haircut storm" in her TikTok video. 

The TLC star showed off her shorter locks as she pointed the camera at herself. 

She played with her new do and brushed her hair behind her ear. 

Mady also shot glimpses of the cloudy sky, the sun and the woods while skipping along the sidewalk. 

The piano instrumental, Dawn (From Pride and Prejudice), by Olivia Belli played in the background. 

As of now, the TikToker has received more than 1,500 likes for her short vid. 

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star previously gave a glimpse of her former dorm room just as she was moving out of college. 

The former child star entitled the TikTok video as "Room tour kinda?"

In the caption, Mady wrote: "Things in my dorm room because I'm moving out and I'm sad."

Mady teased that she did not "steal" the Maggie Rogers sign from a bulletin board. 

The literature fan shared what was stacked in her bookshelf, which included one of the Harry Potter books and a copy of Jane Austen's novel, Mansfield Park.

Mady also presented one of the "paintings" that her friends made for her.

The 20-year-old confessed that she got a jewelry box "from a grandmother at a yard sale."

The TikTok video concluded with a shot of Mady's roommate snuggling up with a pumpkin-themed blanket. 

Recently, Mady showed off her fit figure when she was in college.

In the TikTok video, the TV star flaunted her toned stomach while wearing a brown tank top and black shorts.

In the 15-second video, Mady said: "Tour of what I got in Aerie cause it's the only thing I'm gonna be wearing for the rest of my life after this."

Mady gave another angle of her slim body before giving a thumbs up to the camera.

The caption stated: "@aerie put crack in these biker shorts i’m pretty sure…"

Back in March, Mady's mom Kate, 46, packed up and headed to North Carolina.

Kate and Jon, 44, ended their marriage in 2009 after spending about 20 years together.

The former couple had a nasty custody and divorce battle. 

Kate has legal guardianship of her four underage kids: Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah.

As legal adults, Mady and her twin Cara, 20, decided to stay with their mother when they were at home from college.

Back in April, Jon claimed his six children "didn't reach out" to him when he suffered from COVID while in the hospital.


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