Boris Johnson's post-Covid programme will chime with millions – but we doubt it can all be delivered

Boris’s Britain

BORIS Johnson’s post-Covid ­programme will chime with millions.

Our doubts are the cost — and how much can be delivered.

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Despite our gargantuan pandemic bill, billions more will be spent revolutionising the train and bus network to match London’s.

That is a vital step in the regional “levelling-up” agenda.

So are the Lifetime Skills Guarantee — ensuring funding for job training at any age — the new freeports and the bonfire of planning rules to get affordable homes built much more quickly.

We applaud the ban on illegal migrants settling here, the fines for ­universities “no platforming” non-woke speakers and the threatened shutdowns for social media sites spreading child abuse or terrorism content.

We approve of photo IDs for voting too.

Why risk ANY fraud?

And we are delighted, after our Show Some Bottle campaign, that a deposit return scheme is planned.

But it wasn’t all positive.

Why is there no coherent social care funding plan?

If you can’t produce and approve one with an 82-seat majority, when can you?

Likewise, why buckle so feebly to the nanny state zealots’ doomed brainwaves to cut obesity?

Ending price promos on treats is a miserable idea that just won’t work.

And even the Government admits the ban on fast food ads will trim negligible calories from a child’s intake.

Educating Brits about diet and the perils of being fat is far more effective.

But, appallingly, it persists with health policies it knows will ruin businesses.

We today revealed how fast food grew cavemen’s brains 100,000 years ago

Someone order Matt Hancock a pizza.

Rayner’s lame

EVEN Labour cannot be punch-drunk enough to consider replacing busted flush Keir Starmer with Angela Rayner.

The theory that she is a Red Wall vote-winner because she’s outspoken, northern and working class is fiction.

Boris is an Old Etonian toff.

But millions like him because he speaks his mind, is charismatic, self-aware and generally does what he promises.

Rayner’s rehearsed Labour soundbites and archaic buzzwords like “solidarity” appeal to no one beyond her “comrades”.

French Farage

WELL, we did not predict Michel Barnier’s ­rebirth as the Nigel Farage of Paris.

Seven years ago the Ukip chief wanted a five-year immigration ban.

Barnier now wants the same in France, blaming non-EU migrants for terrorism and branding the bloc’s borders a “sieve”.

He wants to tweak EU free movement too.

This from the Brexit negotiator who told us Brussels’ rules were sacrosanct

Of course if the EU had cut us just such a break on immigration in 2016 we would almost certainly still be in it.

Happily, in hindsight, it didn’t.

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